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1. Only in this way can we solve this problem(倒装)只有这种办法才能解决这个问题。

2. If we don't take measures, the problem won't be solved如果我们不采取措施,问题将不能被解决。

3. There are many reasons for this problemsFirstly,****Secondly,****Last but not least,****这一现象存在有很多原因。第一,***。第二,***。最后但也是最重要的是,***。

4. On the one hand,……On the other hand,……一方面……另一方面……:

5. The best way to solve the problem is that……解决这些麻烦的最好办法是……

6. It has the following advantages它有如下优点。

7. It has more disadvantages than advantages他有很多不足之处。(他的缺点多于优点)

8. We should try our best to overcome the difficulties我们应该尽最大努力去克服困难。

9. We should solve the problems that we are faced with我们应该解决我们面临的困难。

10. It has increased/decreased from…to…他已经从…增加/减少到…


1. No one can deny the fact that the Internet is very useful没人能否认这个事实:互联网很有用。

2. I prefer to read ,rather than watch TV与看你电视相比我更喜欢阅读。

3. As a student, I am strongly in favour of the decision作为一个学生,我非常赞成这个观点。

4. For example,some parents think that many students become addicted to the Internet例如,一些家长认为学生沉迷于网络。

5. Nowadays,the Internet has been playing an important role in our everyday life There are two sides of opinion about itSome students say … is their favorite They think that… (理由一)What’s more, …(理由二)Moreover, … (理由三)

6. However, others think that… is a better choice There are three reasons (然而,其余的人认为做某事是一种较好的选择,有三个方面的理由) Firstly, … (第一) Secondly, (第二)Last but not least, …(最后也是最重要的是)

7. As far as I am concerned that can't live without the Internet The reason why is that…(……的原因是……)


1. Nowadays,the Internet has been playing an important role in our everyday life There are many advantages in it Firstly, … (第一) Secondly, (第二)Last but not least, …(最后也是最重要的是)

2. However, everything has two sides and the Internet is not an exception ,it has both advantage and disadvantageThere’re some disadvantages … (之一) What’s more, …(之二) Moreover, … (之三)

3. As far as I am concerned that it has more disadvantages than advantages(依我看,它有更多好处多于坏处)… However,we also try to use it in a right way , not waste a lot of time in it

4. Nowadays,human beings are facing a big problem ,the air pollution ,which is becoming more and more serious(如今,人类面临一个问题,空气污染,这个问题变得越来越严峻)There are many reasons for this problems For example。


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The good old proverb reminds us that . Indeed, we can learn many things from it.(引出名言,阐明含义)

First of all, . For example, . Secondly, . Another case is that . Furthermore, .(举例说明理由)

In my opinion, .(自己的观点)In short, whatever you do, please remember the saying . If you understand it and apply it to your study or life, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot from it.(总结)



In recent days, there has been a problem , which is becoming more and more serious.(说明问题及其现状)First, . Second, .(进一步阐释现状)

We should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing, ________. For another thing, ________. Finally, ________.(列举解决该问题的方法)

Personally, I believe that ________/Consequently, I’m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because ________.(结尾段,指出"我"的信心及理由)


What I have known about is that .(具体描述某事物)

Firstly, .(描述要点一) .(具体阐述要点一)Secondly, .(描述要点二) (具体阐述要点二). As a college student, .(结合自身描述要点三)

All in all, .(做出总结)Therefore, we should .(提出建议)


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1. fight against 对抗,反对,与……作斗争

We are all brothers in the same fight against injustice.在共同反对非正义行为的斗争中, 我们都是同志.

People often have to fight for their liberty.人们往往不得不为自由而战。

He and his wife are always fighting about who will take after the children. 他与他妻子总是在为由谁来照看孩子而吵架。

2. He worked selflessly in China as a doctor and saved many Chinese soldiers. 作为一个医生他无私地在中国工作,并且拯救了很多中国战士。

3. He strongly believed in the three principles: nationalism; people’s rights; people’s livelihood. 他主张三民主义:民主、民权、民生。

4. be free from 免于,不受

A judge must be free from prejudice.法官必须不抱成见。

5. in a peaceful way 以和平的方式

6. be in prison 入狱,在狱中服刑 in the prison 在监狱

7. the same…as…和……一样

8. the first man to land on the moon 第一个登上月球的人

9. The time when I first met him was a very difficult period of my life. 第一次见到他的时候是在我一生中非常艰难的时期。(定语从句)

10. He was generous with his time,for which I was grateful.他十分慷慨地给予我时间,我为此非常感激。

(He is generous with his money.他花钱大方。I am grateful to you for helping me.感谢你的帮助。Our grateful thanks are due to you.我们衷心感谢你。)

11. have little education 受的教育少

12. I could not read or write well. 我既不会读也不会写。

13. I worried about whether I would become out of work. 我担心我是不是会失业。

14. I became more hopeful about my future. 我对自己的未来充满了希望。

(I am hopeful that she will come tomorrow. 我对她明天要来抱着希望。)

15. as soon as I could 尽快, 马上

16. The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all. (定语从句) 过去30年来所出现的大量法律剥夺我们的权利,阻挡我们的进步,一直到今天,我们还处在几乎什么权利都没有的阶段。

(The 19th century saw many changes. 许多变革发生于19世纪。at an early stage in our history在我们的历史早期)

17. …we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the government. 我们被置于这样一个境地:要么我们被迫接受低人一等的现实,要么跟政府作斗争。

18. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. 只有到这个时候,我们才决定用暴力反抗暴力。(Only 位于句首,修饰副词、介词短语或状语从句时,句子采用部分倒装的语序;修饰状语从句时,只有主句采用部分倒装的语序。)

如:① Only in this way can you come up with a solution to the problem.只有这样,你才能想出解决这个问题的办法。

② Only after being asked three times did he come to the meeting.叫了三次他才来参加会议。

③ Only when he is seriously ill does he ever stay in bed.病的很重时,他才卧床休息。

Only then did I realize my mistake. 直到那时我才知道我的错误.)

19. as a matter of fact 事实上

As a matter of fact,it is health that counts.事实上,健康才是最重要的。

As a matter of fact, parents don’t want their children to be in trouble. 事实上,父母都不希望子女有麻烦。

20. In 1963, I helped him blow up some government buildings.在1963年,我帮助他炸毁了一些政府大楼。

Can you lend me a pump to blow up my bicycle tyres?你能借给我个打气筒给车胎打打气吗?

Then it turned out that some stars, like our own sun will blow up one day. 然后,事实上有些恒星,就像我们自己的太阳,有朝一日会爆炸。

21. …I knew it would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people equal. ……我知道这是为了实现我们的黑人和白人平等的梦想。

22. in trouble 处于困境 遇到麻烦

Do as you're told, otherwise you'll be in trouble.叫你怎么做就怎么做, 否则有麻烦.

23. be willing to do sth. 愿意,乐于Only very few people would be willing to share with him their opinions.很少有人愿意跟他分享他们的见解。

24. What was his attitude towards the unfair situation black people faced? 他对黑人面临的不公平处境什么态度?

25. turn to 变成;求助于,借助于, 翻到,转向

She had no one to turn to for advice.她没有一个可以商量的人。

Who can I turn to in my hour of need? 在我需要的时候我能向谁求助呢?

As they were out of work, Mr and Mrs Black had to turn to their relatives for help.布莱克夫妇由于失业,不得不向亲戚求帮助。


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